Sea Bluff Trail

Sea Bluff Trail

If you want to feel the sea breeze, gaze at the mountains and walk through a grassy meadow and a shady grove of Douglas fir trees and red cedars, Sea Bluff Trail is your kind of hike.

Metchosin residents can walk here due to the generosity of the late Geoff Mitchell, who farmed the land for several decades. Some family members, including his great-granddaughter, are still working Sea Bluff’s scenic and fertile fields.

He dedicated a permanent right of way across the farm to the people of Metchosin almost 20 years ago, “so this public footpath and spectacular view can be shared by all Metchosin residents in perpetuity,” says the commemorative plaque.

It’s a well-walked trail that has two access points, and as the crow flies, either is just a few hundred meters from Metchosin’s village centre. But there isn’t a straight line to the trailhead. You can access one entrance via Parry Cross Road (turn off William Head Road to Parry Road) and the other from Wootton Road, which joins Metchosin Road near he village centre.

Total distance walked on the Sea Bluff Trail is about 1.1 kilometers and you come full circle -- or rather full square, as that’s what the trail resembles -- back to your starting point at Wootton or Parry Cross.

You’ll be walking through working farmland, so remember to stay on the trail and close gates. For those who are a bit unsteady on their feet, mind the tree roots that cross the trail on the west side and the boggy bits on the lower section.

Sea Bluff Trail is notable for several memorials. One plaque is for Geoff Mitchell, and another is for Sonja Young, a longtime Metchosin equestrian who helped to create many of the municipality’s riding routes.

At the southernmost corner of the trail along the bluff, there’s a good spot to sit a while and look out to sea, on a bench dedicated to the memory of Gord Reimer, a founder of Metchosin Search and Rescue.

Written by Norman Gidney
Volunteer Parks and Trails Coordinator
February 2012